Clear, simple and affordable prices

Our rates

Our rates are more affordable and our service conditions more flexible than other homecare agencies.

Tax credit for home-support services for seniors

Did you know that all seniors aged 70 or more are eligible to a 36% tax credit on all services offered by Amika?

Chèque emploi-service

You are a beneficiary of cheque emploi-service and want to quickly obtain homecare at low cost?

By leveraging our large pool of skilled and experienced Amika Caregivers we can quickly assign the best people to quickly help you.

We together plan a schedule that fits your needs and we make sure all hours allocated are well distributed in order to take full advantage of the cheque-emploi service program.

We charge an administrative fee, which is the hourly rate in effect minus the hourly wage that the government pays to the employee. You therefore have a reduction of up to $16.22 per hour depending on your area.