Our mission is to allow all Canadians to age in the comfort of their home by providing the personalized homecare they deserve

Amika, an innovative homecare company


How can we make sure our parents can age happily and safety at home as long as possible?

How can we facilicate the lives and provide respite to caregivers like us?

How can we bring back the pleasure to work to professional caregivers?


This is to solve these challenges that Amika was created. Combining several years of healthcare and services industry experience, the Amika team works everyday to develop innovative solutions for Canadian caregivers and their loved one. We are a Canadian company that wants to reinvent the homecare industry. 

Our team

All Amika team members are essential to our success. Here are a few :

Claire Gosselin

Clinical Advisor

Advisor and Counselor with 25+ years of clinical and homecare management experience in the public sector.

Alexandre Blais

General Manager

Grew up with his grandmother afflicted with Alzheimer's. Volunteer at Tel-Aînés. Former Management Consultant.

Marie-Andrée Cardoso

Director - HR and quality of care

Formerly seniors' residences General Manager and Instructor for Caregivers.

Lydia Vanier

Advisor - Gerontologist

More than 5 years as a leisure professional with seniors. University certification in gerontology. Love songs from the 50-60s.

Véronique Patenaude

Care Advisor

Certified Nurse. 10+ years experience in homecare

Gabriel Joubert-Séguin

Finance Manager

Professional economist. Volunteered for seniors with mental disabilities.

We are hiring!

You are a experimented, dynamic and motivated Professional Caregiver? We are continuously looking for amazing Caregivers like you that want to make a positive difference in seniors' lives. Join a flourishing Canadian company that is committed to the well-being of its personnel. 

Tax credit for home-support services for seniors

Did you know that all seniors aged 70 or more are eligible to a 35% tax credit on all services offered by Amika?

We also offer assistance to manage your advance payment request. The 35% tax credit on services purchased at Amika can be sent directly to your bank account - as simple as that!

Chèque emploi-service

You are a beneficiary of chèque emploi-service and want to quickly obtain homecare at low cost?

By leveraging our large pool of skilled and experienced Amika Caregivers we can quickly assign the best people to quickly help you.

Amika takes all the responsibility to register the Caregiver(s) directly with the government. Afterwards Amika plans all the visits and make sure the number of weekly hours granted by the Service Employment Paycheque is well distributed so that you can take full advantage of the program.

We charge an administrative fee, which is the hourly rate in effect minus the hourly wage that the government pays to the employee. 

In-home Assistance & Care 101

Want to know more about homecare?

Call us at 1-833-332-6452

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The provision of in-home assistance and care by a "stranger" may be perceived as an intrusion. We have a few tips to help you cope with a senior's refusal to obtain help.

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What is in-home care assistance and care?

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Tax credit for home-support services for seniors

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Home modifications for seniors who want to age in place

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Technologies for the benefit of home care

At Amika, we strongly believe that technology – combined with the human touch of our caregivers – will greatly improve senior and caregiver experience. We explain how.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

Our rate is $24 per hour ($15.60 after tax credit). It can be reduced if you are a beneficiary of cheque emploi-services.

Is there a minimum number of hours required?

Homecare visits must be of minimum 2 hours. There is no minimum number of visits per week.

Can I cancel the services at any time?

Yes. There is no long-term committment. You simply need to inform us 24 hours in advance.

Is there any account opening fees?

No. We do not have any account opening fees or any other hidden fees.

What is the delay to obtain your services?

Once you confirm that you want to go ahead with us, it is possible to start the homecare visits as soon as the day after. On average, delay ranges from 3 to 7 days to allow us to assign the Amika Caregivers that best match your preferences and your desired schedule. 

Can we always have the same person coming for every visit?

Yes. We do a personnalized matching and make sure that the assigned caregiver will always be the same. This allows the assisted person and our caregiver to develop a solid relationship based on trust. In case your desired homecare schedule is variable or that you require a large number of hours, it is possible that we send 1 or 2 other caregivers to meet your needs. 

Are your employees trained and experimented?

Yes they are. Amika Caregivers are experimented health care attendant, nursing care student and nursing assistants. They are currently or have worked in CHSLD, hospitals, senior housing and homecare for the private and public sectors.

Can we start with a few visits per week and adjust in the future?

Yes. And it is recommended. You can start 'small' to make sure the assisted person(s) is confortable with the care he receives. We can thereafter adjust the schedule to add/modify/cancel visits.  

Do you accept 'Chèque emploi-services'?

Yes. We charge an administrative fee, which is the hourly rate in effect ($24) minus the hourly wage that the government pays to the employee.

I am interested. How do I get started?

Reach us by phone, chat, email, our online form (on the Contact and Free Assessment page). We are available 24/7. We will plan together a moment to meet together with the assisted person(s) and the informal caregivers (family members and friends). This meeting can be done at your convenience and very quickly. Thereafter, we will start the homecare visits based on your desired schedule.