We want to allow all seniors to age in the comfort of their home by providing the personalized home care they deserve.

Skilled, Caring and Experimented Caregivers

Amika Caregivers are experimented personal care workers, nursing care student and nursing assistants.

They are currently or have worked in senior residences, long-term care centers, hospitals and home care for the private and public sectors.

They all have one thing in common: they want to make a positive impact in their clients' daily lives. Their goal for each visit: put a smile at each person they have helped.

 Portrait of a smiling caregiver

Caregivers you can trust

We thoroughly screen and interview every care worker who want to join the Amika team.

The selection process is as follow:
  1. We do a background check
  2. We verify if they received the proper professional training and certifications
  3. We validate past references in seniors' care with their former and/ or current employers: they must have had a flawless attitude
  4. We conduct 2 interviews to make sure the candidate's values fit with those promoted by Amika: empathy, generosity, kindness

Only those succeeding all these steps can become a Amika Caregiver. Thus, we retain less than 5% of the initial candidates: only the most qualified, motivated and experimented.

Our team

All Amika team members are essential to our success. Here are a few:

Alexandre Blais
  • Alexandre Blais
  • Co-founder and General Manager
Gabriel Joubert-Séguin
  • Gabriel Joubert-Séguin
  • Co-founder and Finance Manager
Julie Clouâtre
  • Julie Clouâtre
  • Operations Director
Stéphane Drouin
  • Stéphane Drouin
  • Chief Technology Officer

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our hourly rate starts at $34.50 ($21.38 after tax credit) and varies based on the number of hours per visit and your geographical area.

Minimum is only 1 hour per visit but can vary by geographical area. There is no minimum per week.

Yes. There is no long-term committment. You simply need to inform us 24 hours in advance.

No. We do not have any account opening fees or any other hidden fees.

Once you confirm that you want to go ahead with us, it is possible to start the home care visits as soon as the day after. On average, delay ranges from 3 to 7 days to allow us to assign the Amika Caregivers that best match your preferences and your desired schedule.

Yes. We do a personnalized matching and make sure that the assigned caregiver will always be the same. This allows the assisted person and our caregiver to develop a solid relationship based on trust. In case your desired home care schedule is variable or that you require a large number of hours, it is possible that we send 1 or 2 other caregivers to meet your needs.

Yes they are. Amika Caregivers are experimented health care attendant, nursing care student and nursing assistants. They are currently or have worked in CHSLD, hospitals, senior housing and home care for the private and public sectors.

Yes. And it is recommended. You can start 'small' to make sure the assisted person(s) is confortable with the care he receives. We can thereafter adjust the schedule to add/modify/cancel visits.

Yes. We charge an administrative fee, which is the hourly rate in effect minus the hourly wage that the government pays to the employee.

Reach us by phone, chat, email, our online form (on the Contact and Free Assessment page). We are available 24/7. We will plan together a moment to meet together with the assisted person(s) and the informal caregivers (family members and friends). This meeting can be done at your convenience and very quickly. Thereafter, we will start the home care visits based on your desired schedule.