Amika Caregivers are passionate

Qualified, Caring and Experimented Caregivers


Amika Caregivers are experimented health care attendant, nursing care student and nursing assistants.

They are currently or have worked in CHSLD, hospitals, senior housing and homecare for the private and public sectors.

They all have one thing in common: they want to make a positive impact in their clients' daily lives. Their goal for each visit: draw a smile at each person they have helped. 

Caregivers you can trust


We thoroughly screen and interview every care professional that want to join the Amika team.

The process is the following :

  1. We do a background check: criminal, credit, driving, etc.
  2. We verify if they received the proper professional training and certifications (CPR, MPSP).
  3. We validate past references in seniors' care with their former and/ or current employers: they must have had a flawless attitude.
  4. We conduct 2 interviews to make sure the candidate's values fit with those promoted by Amika: empathy, generosity, dynamism.

 Only those succeeding all these steps can become a Amika Caregiver. Thus, we retain less than 5% of the initial candidates: only the most qualified, motivated and experimented.

Innovative solutions for Canadian caregivers and seniors 

Our mission is to enable all Canadians to age in the comfort of their home by providing the personalized homecare they deserve.

Real-time information

Real-time information

You are informed in real-time about the visits' check-in, check-out and report via our easy-to-use web and mobile app.

Constant feedback so we can improve

Constant feedback so we can improve

We are continuously evaluating your feedback and visit ratings so we can adapt our services and approach accordingly.



You can view the Amika Caregiver profile and stay in touch with him via our web and mobile app.

Our Caregivers are always informed about your needs and preferences 

Any issue with the client's mood?

 Any recent injury or particular pain?

Food preferences?

Preferred discussion topics?

 You can update your needs and preferences at all time. Your Amika Caregiver will instantly be informed and will adapt his visit and approach accordingly.